Publish: 21 décembre 2017

Hub One deploys a bespoke connectivity solution at Silk Road Paris

<![CDATA[SILK ROAD PARIS, a business cluster dedicated to imports and exports between France and Asia, has called upon Hub One, the information and communication technology services Group for professional environments, to implement a solution providing comprehensive high-performance telecommunication services (telephony, Internet and Wi-Fi) to the entire business cluster.
Situated close to Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the Silk Road Paris project is a business centre specialised in the import-export of electronics and textile products. Covering almost 200,000 m², this business centre offers traders trading counters ranging in size from 202 to 272 m², enabling them to exhibit, sell and store their merchandise.
The ambition of Silk Road Paris is to become a key commercial platform in Europe by facilitating international exchanges between traders. To support the development of their businesses, Hub One has put in place solutions addressing the communication needs of the various business centre stakeholders.
A made-to-measure “digital highway”
To meet the technical requirements of Silk Road Paris, Hub One has set up a bespoke and multi-operator infrastructure offering Internet access and a telephone network to the 391 trading counters, restaurants and offices of the business cluster. Other operators can connect to this infrastructure and in this way propose, like Hub One, communication services to the different units, all via a central installation operated and supervised by Hub One, 24/7. As for the traders, they can choose, “à la carte”, the services that they need (Internet, Wi-Fi, telephony).
A true digital highway, the fibre optic infrastructure deployed by Hub One enables Silk Road Paris to meet the connectivity needs of the cluster’s traders, while saving them money and involving just a single point of contact, thereby simplifying overall project management.
A solution that facilitates international exchanges
The proximity of the Silk Road Paris business centre to Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport helps facilitate business exchanges, particularly with Asia, and to underpin the international dimension of the cluster.
With this in mind, Hub One has developed a “Hub One Box”, proposing a comprehensive service pack: high-speed web access at 10 Mbps, unlimited international calls including with China, and secure Wi-Fi network.
“Since the mission of Silk Road Paris is to optimise international exchanges, optimum connectivity was vital to us. The made-to-measure solution proposed by Hub One perfectly meets the requirements of the cluster’s traders, who in this way are able to dedicate their time to developing their business activities using high-performance and competitive communication solutions,” declares Miguel Gois, Director of AR France Invest, the company in charge of developing the Silk Road Paris project.

“Equipping an infrastructure on such a large scale was a real challenge, and one that we overcame in record time. The solution put in place at Silk Road Paris facilitates the management of the connectivity of the structure and offers real flexibility to the traders, since it can be adapted perfectly to their needs and allows them to benefit from the best technological tools,” says a delighted Antoine Groc, Hub One telecom accounts director.

Press release in PDF format: “Hub One deploys a bespoke connectivity solution at Silk Road Paris”]]>

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