Publish: 25 septembre 2017

Hub One and Interdata join forces to exploit the potential of SD-WAN

<![CDATA[Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, and Interdata, French specialist in networks integration and security, are pooling their skills to meet the high demand on the SD-WAN[1] market. This young technology offers considerable development prospects for companies wishing to optimise their network performance.
SD-WAN is set to undergo a real boom, with growth estimated at 90% per year until 2020, representing $6 billion (IDC study[2]). Offering fast deployment, reduced costs and improved quality of service, SD-WAN constitutes a true revolution in the world of telecommunications.
Hub One has decided to work with Interdata to help companies reap all the benefits of SD-WAN, by making available to them an offering based on the Versa Networks solution proposed by Interdata.
Interdata will, in the first instance, handle integration of the solution, and Hub One will provide, deploy and operate the service. The offering will be addressed in particular at multi-site companies wishing to simplify the operation of their network, and larger structures that require greater bandwidth and wish to optimise their costs.
“We are delighted to start this partnership with Hub One and to support them in the conquest of this new and promising market. Thanks to our bespoke integration model, we intend to meet the needs of companies by jointly proposing to them flexible solutions that offer real added value, compared to traditional technologies,” declares Jean-Marc Odet, CEO of Interdata.
“In a context of accelerated digital transformation, marked in particular by the growing adoption of the Cloud, companies are on the lookout for more flexible solutions. This partnership with Interdata will allow us to establish ourselves on the SD-WAN market, and will help us to enable our customers to profit from this new performance lever, which is set to become indispensable in the years to come,” says Bertrand Laurioz, Telecom Division Director, Hub One.
SD-WAN Summit
26 to 28 September at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport
As part of the event, Arnaud Clément, Marketing and Pre-sales Director of the Telecom division at Hub One,
will be speaking at the conference:  “Optimisation of the MPLS WAN”, on Thursday 28 September at 11:20 AM.
If you would like to meet and chat with Mr. Clément at this event, please contact the Grayling agency
About Hub One
Hub One is a Group providing information and communication technology services in professional environments.
Hub One designs and implements the digitalisation of businesses, locations and usages.
Hub One draws on its experience in the airport environment to provide tailored responses to the critical and real-time operational needs of major corporations and SMEs alike.
Our employees offer an end-to-end service, from network core to terminal, from deployment in project mode to in-service maintenance. Our solutions and skills combine the specialities of telecoms operator (fixed, wireless and mobile), mobility and traceability solutions integrator, and all associated services.
For further information visit:
Hub One press contacts
Grayling Agency – Manuel Chaplet / Akéla Bendjeddou – 01 55 30 71 00 / 70 72 –
Hub One – Martial Delpuech / Daphnis De Sa – 01 70 03 85 00 –
About Interdata
Specialised in network infrastructures and security, Interdata is recognised to be a high-value-added integrator. Its portfolio is aimed at operators, companies of all sizes, and large administration bodies. The company has built up a solid reputation over 30 years or more. In pioneering fashion, it is constantly in search of the most innovative products, to introduce them onto the French market: the first routers in France in 1987; the first firewalls; the first VoIP platform operational on-site in 2001. Interdata has a turnover of €29 million and employs more than 100 people. The company has been ISO 9001-certified since 31 May 2002. Interdata is part of the IJNEXT Group.
For further information:
[1] SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a software-based network technology for orchestrating Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Internet accesses. SD-WAN offers the possibility of supervising and configuring your network thanks to smart routing of data flows to its links (MPLS, IPsec, Internet access), accessible via a web administration interface. Source:
[2] Source]]>

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