Publish: 22 juin 2018

Hub One acquires Sysdream and becomes a major cybersecurity player

<![CDATA[Hub One, subsidiary of Groupe ADP and provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, announces the acquisition of Sysdream, a key French player in cybersecurity. This acquisition ties in with the Hub One strategy, targeting revenues of between €200 and €300 million within 5 to 8 years. Through this external growth operation, the Hub One Group has added the finishing touches to its industrial cybersecurity project, based on 3 areas: training, consulting/audit, and managed services.
The merger of Hub One and Sysdream comes out of a shared vision to provide companies with a high level of security, based on a unique and high-value-added service offering, and to take up a position across the entire value chain of the cybersecurity market: technical, organisational and human.
Founded in 2004, Sysdream is a renowned expert in cybersecurity, and is PASSI[1] certified (certification delivered by ANSSI (French National Agency for Information System Security)). The company has shown strong growth and its revenue stood at €3.9 million in 2017. It offers corporate customers, both public and private, in France and abroad, a range of solutions focused on systems auditing, IT security training and cyber-training. Sysdream is the originator of major events such as Hack In Paris, an event dedicated to cybersecurity professionals, and La Nuit du Hack (Hacking Night), the biggest annual convention for ethical hacking in France.
Sysdream’s compelling and unique expertise complements the historic know-how of Hub One in the field of perimeter security (network, firewall, LAN) gleaned in the airport environment, helping to reinforce its cybersecurity activity. This has enabled Hub One to finalise the implementation of its 3rd strategic division dedicated to cybersecurity, while allowing Sysdream to retain its specific characteristics, its expertise and its teams.
“With Sysdream we are continuing to flesh out the bones of our industrial cybersecurity project, embarked upon several months ago, through building a dedicated team and mobilising all Hub One employees around the issues of cybersecurity,” says Guillaume de Lavallade, Hub One CEO. “This acquisition means that Hub One now has all the components it needs to become an all-round player in cybersecurity.”
In the words of Olivier Franchi, Boss of Sysdream: “This merger offers us a great opportunity to draw on the industrial support of Hub One, a subsidiary of Groupe ADP. This will allow us to accelerate our business development, while guaranteeing our autonomy and independence vis-a-vis the manufacturers and software publishers to be found on the highly competitive cybersecurity market.”
To conclude, Edward Arkwright, Chief Executive Director of Groupe ADP and Chairman of Hub One, declares: “The acquisition of Sysdream ties in with our strong industrial dynamic and reinforces our position and our skills in the field of cybersecurity, where the stakes are so high, both in France and abroad, and in particular in our airport activities.”
[1] PASSI: Information Systems Security Auditing Service Providers]]>

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