Publish: 17 avril 2018

The Hub One Board has appointed Bertrand Laurioz as Vice CEO

<![CDATA[The Board of Directors of Hub One, the information and communication technology services Group for professional environments, has just appointed Bertrand Laurioz to the post of Vice CEO. With Patrice Bélie wishing to leave the company to pursue a new professional project, Bertrand Laurioz takes over as interim managing director of the group. In this role, he will be directing the group’s growth strategy along three broad lines of development (private mobile radio, software publishing and cybersecurity) while pursuing his duties for the Telecom Business Unit. 
Aged 50, Bertrand Laurioz is a graduate of the École Polytechnique et de Telecom Paristech and also has a company administrator certificate from Science Po-IFA. He began his career in the Suez Group, working on the deployment of multimedia cable networks. In 1995 he joined Sofrecom, export subsidiary of Orange, first as Project Director then as Department Director. In this capacity, he coordinated consulting and engineering missions for telecom operators in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asi
In 2001, Mr. Laurioz joined Alcatel-Lucent alternating between a functional role (risk analysis, business operations, VP country operations) and an operational role (director of operations for France-Africa-Middle East, MD for services in France). Latterly, at Alcatel-Lucent head office, he was a member for 3 years of the executive committee for the EMEA region.
He joined ADP in December 2013 as Director of the Hub One Telecom Division.
Hub One looks to draw on the expertise of Bertrand Laurioz and his knowledge of the market to successfully lead the new group development strategy.
“We would like to thank Patrice Bélie for his professional and personal investment in the Hub One Group over the past 7 years. His vision and his commitment, along with the strategic choices made, mean that Hub One today enjoys a unique position on the market for being the technological partner for companies in their digital transformation. We wish him every success in his new professional project at Adista,” says Edward Arkwright, Chief Executive Officer of ADP and Chairman of Hub One.
About Hub One
Hub One is a Group providing information and communication technology services in professional environments.
The Group provides technological responses to the needs of its customers in matters of operational performance and security, particularly in the sectors of airports, transport & logistics, industry, retail & distribution, business real estate and places receiving the public. The expertise of those working for Hub One draws on the values of proximity, commitment and boldness, to provide innovative and global solutions and an end-to-end service from network core to fixed or mobile terminal.
A renowned player in the wireless networks, Hub One deploys and operates telecoms infrastructures; develops, publishes and integrates traceability and mobility software; installs fleets of professional terminals for which it provides in-service maintenance; and provides the security for all these systems.
The Group has some 500 employees distributed throughout France by way of 9 branch agencies. A subsidiary of ADP Group, Hub One posted a consolidated turnover of €154 million in 2017.
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Hub One press contacts
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