Publish: 4 avril 2019

Legendre adopts Hub One VoiXnext, the new voice command order preparation solution for Android from Hub One

<![CDATA[Legendre, one of France’s key players in logistics and founder member of the ASTRE consortium – Europe’s leading network of haulage and logistics operators – has chosen to migrate its order preparation solution by deploying the voice command solution for Android from Hub One: Hub One VoiXnext.
To optimise the productivity and quality of order preparation in the warehouse, and allow operators to benefit from more user-friendly terminals, Legendre wanted an efficient voice solution operating under Android.
Backed by its technological expertise in the field of transport and logistics, Hub One, the digital technologies operator for businesses, was thus able to incorporate its new Hub One VoiXnext voice solution in the connected professional terminals of Legendre. Operating in the Android environment, the software offers a graphic interface allowing operators working in the warehouse to enter on-screen or validate by voice the desired operations, and scan the barcodes.
Prior to rolling out this solution, a wireless coverage analysis was conducted for the Legendre infrastructures. Subsequently, 20 of the company’s terminals were equipped with Hub One VoiXnext, with deployment due to be extended to other terminals. The solution is notably compatible with any type of multifunctional and multimodal terminals.
In the framework of this project, Hub One manages the maintenance of the terminals, trains the operators in using the solution, and provides the equipment necessary for its integration.
“At the request of one of our clients, we were looking for a user-friendly voice solution capable of optimising the work of our order pickers. What’s more, with Microsoft announcing the termination of its maintenance for Windows CE, we needed a solution that runs on the Android OS, and which we could test and trial before rolling it out on a larger scale. The response provided by Hub One with Hub One VoiXnext, for all our needs, today means that our operators have an efficient solution which assists them in their daily tasks,” declares Damien Tricard, Associate Chief Executive of Legendre.
“In the industrial sector, migrating to an operating system like Android is today a necessity. Hub One VoiXnext was designed to address this challenge. Legendre is our first client to deploy this software, and so now it has a cutting-edge voice solution allowing it to meet the productivity requirements of its clients while facilitating order preparation by its operators,” states Luc Bechamps, Director of the Business Line Logistics & industry indoor.

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