Publish: 7 décembre 2017

Hub One presents its strategic ambitions for 2025

On a rapidly-changing telecommunications and professional mobility market, Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, is today at a key moment in its history. The Hub One Group is embarking on a new stage in its development, and presents its ambitions for 2025.


“The Hub One Group is pursuing its development and embarking on a new stage, to jockey for position on some high-potential markets. We have defined new ambitions looking towards 2025, with the purpose of doubling our turnover by means of continuous organic growth coupled with acquisitions. To achieve our objectives, we will be drawing on our expertise, our capacity for innovation, and the relationship of trust built up with our 4500 corporate clients in France,” explains Patrice Bélie, CEO, Hub One.


Since its creation, Hub One has been able to anticipate the trends and adapt to the technological developments that have impacted on the BtoB market and its habits. With a turnover of €144 million in 2016, the company has been posting average annual growth of 7% per annum since 2010. Recognised as a key player for professional radio technologies in industrial environments, and from its position of strength as leader in the field of traceability and professional mobility, Hub One is able to provide a suitable technological response to the changing business needs of its corporate clients: the rocketing use and processing of data, the sometimes radical evolution of business habits, ever-increasing connected roaming, digitalisation of customer relations and of internal processes, and so on.
To support this ambitious growth plan, Hub One is placing the emphasis and deploying its skills on three broad lines of strategy, underpinned by new solutions in 2018:

  1. Professional (private) mobile radio: continuing in the vein of an already-promising initiative, Hub One will pursue the development of these solutions: DAS (Distributed Antenna System); Wi-Fi (launch of a service aimed at the general public), for public, service-sector or industrial use; PMR (Private Mobile Radiocommunication) in 4G-LTE; and the launch of a radio engineering consultancy offering. Hub One will be offering its solutions, which are suited to complex environments such as places receiving the public, head offices or corporate industrial environments.
  2. Software publishing: Hub One has vast experience in the development of software solutions for businesses. Hub One is going into publishing, and creating a “Software Publication” division. This entity will propose software solutions that it will make available to other integrators, particularly those with international reach, for deployment with their own clients. The first launches concern voice recognition in warehouses, with Hub One VoiXtreme, and real-time delivery tracking operations with Hub One Delivery.
  3. Cybersecurity: Hub One makes available to all its clients its historic know-how acquired in the airport domain, concerning the security of networks, terminals and software. 2018 sees the launch of an audit, consulting and integration offering in this domain.


Lastly, Hub One is underscoring its capacity for innovation. Co-investor in the Lille start-up accelerator, Alacrité, Hub One is also encouraging co-innovation with its clients, a tried-and-tested approach which has already led, for example, to the production of a warehouse inventory robot called “Inventory Viewer”.


Hub One is consolidating its position as expert in digital technologies in the service of the productivity and security of businesses.

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