Publish: 20 mars 2018

Hub One launches the Hub One Tracecold mobile app for Android

<![CDATA[At SITL (Transport & Logistics Innovation  Week), which opened today at Paris Nord Villepinte, Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, unveils its Hub One TraceCold application. Available for Android, this app is the mobile version of the Hub One Tracecold temperature monitoring solution. Aimed at those working in the cold chain, it provides real-time access to temperature data via PDA or smartphone.
Strict regulatory standards today govern the cold chain, which represents a major challenge for hauliers, in particular those delivering pharmaceutical and food products. It is therefore essential for these professionals to possess simple solutions ensuring the rigorous monitoring of temperature changes along the entire route of goods transportation. Furthermore, transport & logistics professionals are faced with a digitalisation of the processes and increased use of mobile technologies, which continue to transform the market.
To address these needs, Hub One launched in 2017 Hub One Tracecold, a hardware and software IoT* solution for continuously monitoring temperature, humidity and light levels. Today, the Group is going a step further by proposing its solution in the form of an app for smartphone and PDA*, for the Android operating system and available for free from Google Play, and soon to be released for Apple iOS.
The app is divided into 3 distinct modules:

  • Hub One Tracecold: for displaying data directly on PDA and smartphone: temperature and humidity indicators, automatic data update, colour-coded overview of sensors in movement (enabling differentiation between goods in storage and goods being transported);
  • Hub One TracecoldRadar: assesses the quality of the radio signal of the sensors/recorders on site;
  • Hub One TracecoldTag: has the same features as Hub One TracecoldRadar while enabling sensors to be configured and read via NFC* technology on PDA and smartphone.

Furthermore, the app does not need to be connected to the back office, and works independently. This allows hauliers to gain precious time, and to act more autonomously in the deployment of the solution.

SITL 2018
Come and meet Hub One at Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 6 – Stand 6-C41, from 20 to 23 March.
If you would like to have a chat with a Hub One spokesperson, or make an appointment at the show, please contact: Manuel Chaplet and July Gil
01 55 30 71 00 / 01 55 30 80 99 /

*IoT: Internet of Things
*PDA: Personal Digital Assistant
*NFC: Near Field Communication

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