Publish: 15 mars 2018

Hub One launches its "Hub One MyCybersecurity" offering to support companies in protecting their information systems

<![CDATA[Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, is now in business in the cybersecurity sector and today launches its “Hub One MyCybersecurity” offering. Aimed at mid-sized companies and SMEs, this solution is based initially on advice and support in the definition and implementation of information system protection measures. This launch follows on from the recent announcement by the Group concerning its 2025 strategy, of which cybersecurity is a major component.
Backed by its historic know-how linked to the security of networks, terminals and software, acquired in airport and industrial environments, Hub One is launching its cybersecurity activity with the “Hub One MyCybersecurity” offering. This complements the portfolio of solutions and services from the Group, for proposing end-to-end solutions to its clients.
An offering designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation facing companies
Today, ensuring the security of information systems is vital for companies, and particularly for the mid-sized companies and SMEs that consider themselves to be less well prepared for the cyber risk[1]. Protecting their sensitive assets and taking precautionary action in the face of increased threats constitute major challenges.
To allow these companies to access security solutions that meet their operational requirements, the “Hub One MyCybersecurity” offering is based, in the first instance, on advice and support services for securing their information systems, with a view to:
–        assist them in assessing their cybersecurity maturity level and support them in defining a transformation plan;
–        help all staff to better understand the issues surrounding cybersecurity within the company and adopt best practices in the course of training and awareness-raising sessions;
–        support them in the definition and implementation of their cybersecurity strategy.
This offering is aimed at companies working in the historic sectors of the Hub One group: airports, transport and logistics, industry and distribution.
Cybersecurity: a priority channel for Hub One
At a time when cybersecurity is becoming a critical challenge for its clients, Hub One seeks to provide responses and solutions across the entire value chain. In June 2017 the Group had unveiled its perimeter protection solution, “Hub One LAN security” and today, with the launch of the cybersecurity offering, Hub One is positioning itself as a one-stop partner providing an end-to-end service.
Corporate cybersecurity is based on three broad themes: the technical, the organisational and the human. Too often the latter is ‘neglected’, and this is why the launch of the first component of our offering will have a strong human component. Indeed, the human aspect is still too often perceived as the weak link yet, the way I see it, it can be one of the prime ramparts of protection. Beyond this human aspect, we are pursuing the construction of our offering with enhanced services, to establish ourselves as the trusted partner of our clients,” declares David Boucher, Cybersecurity Customer Director, Hub One.
Hub One intends to position itself as a benchmark player for cybersecurity services with Hub One MyCybersecurity, which will ultimately cover the entire value chain.

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