Publish: 13 décembre 2017

Hub One launches an SD-WAN offering to help companies optimise the management of their networks

<![CDATA[SD-WAN: the 3rd-generation network that offers new prospects to the world of telecoms
Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, addresses the needs of companies looking to maximise their network performance with the launch of a comprehensive offering based on SD-WAN1 technology. Proposed in partnership with Interdata, French specialist in networks integration and security, this scalable offering aims at simplifying network infrastructures while guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility and enhanced performance.
A survey conducted by IDC2 in 2016 revealed that 22% of French companies (28% of large corporations) envisaged deploying an SD-WAN project in the coming two years, and 45% were ready to test this type of solution. To address this strong demand, Hub One has collaborated with Interdata to provide organisations with a complete services offering based on the Versa Networks solution, which will enable them to benefit from the many advantages of SD-WAN.
SD-WAN: an essential technology of the future
The growing needs for improved network performance, generated in particular by the increase in critical data flows and the proliferation of the number of applications, including in the Cloud, constitute a set of major challenges that companies need to address.
SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) is an innovation capable of meeting these challenges. This technology improves network management by enabling pooled and secure use of networks (MPLS and Internet), while offering dynamic control of bandwidth allocation for smart routing of data flows. What is more, SD-WAN enables automated and centralised network management, via a web administration interface.
By allocating bandwidth to the most critical applications, and offloading onto the Internet networks the lower-priority flows such as connections to social networks, SD-WAN provides obvious advantages. Besides the capacity for rapid deployment, it offers not only reduced costs thanks to the automated management of the WAN, but also greater efficiency thanks to the smart selection of communication channels and the optimisation of traffic management, along with enhanced agility and reactivity. Hub One looks to offer all companies these benefits by way of this new offering.
A solution suited to the different network requirements of professionals
Backed by its extensive know-how in corporate telecommunications networks, Hub One has worked with Interdata to propose to companies an innovative SD-WAN solution incorporating all services in a software platform and simplifying deployment through automatic and centralised service provision.
Targeting both companies that wish to interconnect their various sites and structures that are looking to optimise the use of their existing connections, the offering will be proposed according to three functionality levels:

  • Basic: designed for companies wishing to interconnect their sites or add extra bandwidth, and who are looking essentially to manage costs. This offering comprises in particular links aggregation, a secure overlay, and the centralised and automated management of configurations.
  • Premium: incorporates, in addition to the basic functions, application-level functionalities such as analytics and dynamic routing of data flows.
  • Premium Secure: includes, in addition, security features such as a new-generation firewall, URL filtering and an antivirus.

Customers will also be able to choose between two versions: one including the equipment that will support the service and will be deployed on site, and the other that can be deployed in the Cloud.
Each of these three options comes with complete support provided by Hub One, from traffic study and recommendations for optimisations through consulting services and equipment security to deployment.
“Developing SD-WAN as a new growth lever is a reality. Signifying optimised management, efficiency and cost reduction, it constitutes real progress for companies wishing to develop their network infrastructures. Our role is to support them in this project and help them reap all the benefits from this extremely promising technology,” stresses Bertrand
Laurioz, Telecom Division Director, Hub One.
Press release in PDF format: “Hub One launches an SD-WAN offering to help companies optimise the management of their network”
1 SD-WAN: “Software Defined Wide Area Network”
2 IDC]]>

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