Publish: 29 mai 2018

Hub One deploys its SD-WAN solution on two sites of the HOP! airline company

<![CDATA[HOP!, the airline subsidiary of Air France, has called upon Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, for simplifying and streamlining the IT system of its Paris airport site at Roissy and its data centre situated in Brittany.
As part of its project to overhaul the network interconnections of its various sites, HOP! wished to equip itself with a single, high-performance and secure intersites network. Data traffic prioritisation and the integration of applications such as VoIP and videoconferencing were also vital criteria for the company.
In this context, Hub One has proposed to HOP! an innovative approach in deploying in experimental form its SD-WAN offering in the company’s data centre, and on its Paris airport site. This solution guarantees that HOP! acquires agility in the management of its networks that is equivalent to that of the Cloud, allying network performance and cost optimisation, and enabling the airline to pool and secure the MPLS and Internet networks.
SD-WAN technology allows HOP! to prioritise data flows and allocate bandwidth to the most critical applications, while offloading the secondary data flows to the Internet networks. This agile networks management therefore improves the quality of service of business applications and offers HOP! employees the possibility of profiting from other usages, seamlessly, without monopolising the bandwidth required by the priority applications. Thanks to its expertise, Hub One is able to meet the expectations of HOP! by proposing a variety of data speeds and technologies suited to the needs of the different sites.
Furthermore, the SD-WAN solution put in place by Hub One offers automated and centralised running of the network via an integrated software platform, giving precise information about the state of the network, no matter who the operators may be. It is also possible to manage, steer or configure the network in order to optimise costs and data flows.
Hub One proposes a high service and security commitment level while providing HOP! with comprehensive support, from project study through to solution deployment and operation.
We were looking for an innovative solution for optimising our network infrastructures. The SD-WAN technology proposed and deployed by Hub One offers a concrete response to these issues, since it allows us to simplify our IT system, and above all optimise its management,” declares Yvon Quérou, CIO at HOP!. “Thanks to the disruptive approach of Hub One, we have been able to modernise and rationalise our network infrastructure.
The SD-WAN solution proposed by Hub One has allowed us, on our remote sites, to better address the issues of continually-increasing bandwidth need for the applications hosted in the Cloud, by proposing a local Internet escape route, with centralised administration and security,” adds Julien Languenou, Distributed Networks and Systems Manager, HOP!.
SD-WAN constitutes a genuine growth lever for companies wishing to develop their network infrastructures. Offering our customers the benefits of our expertise and our innovative solutions is second nature to us. The deployment of SD-WAN technology on the sites of a renowned company such as HOP! is proof of our desire to support them with large-scale projects and help them to profit from these technologies of the future,” concludes Guillaume Fauconnier, Sales Engineer, Hub One.]]>

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