Publish: 8 septembre 2017

Hub One addresses the IT issues of local businesses during its Tour de France

<![CDATA[Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, has organised a Tour de France running from 28 September to 7 December, to underpin its proximity to local companies. The 8 stages of this Hub One Tour will be peppered with debates on the digitalisation of business and industry: from networks and mobility in offices, through manufacturing, transport and logistics, to the end-client experience.
Hub One Tour, the programme

The 8 stages of this Hub One Tour in partnership with Mitel and Zebra:
Thursday 28 September in Lyon;
Thursday 5 October in Aix-en-Provence;
Thursday 19 October in Strasbourg;
Thursday 9 November in Reims;
Thursday 16 November in Nantes;
Thursday 23 November in Toulouse;
Thursday 30 November in Lille;
Thursday 7 December in Orléans.

The days will run in two stages:
Morning debates from 8:45 AM to 1:15 PM
Hub One, official partner of the LMI IT TOUR, will be holding a conference on the theme: Security & Networks – The keys to a secure network and optimal quality of service” at 9:25 AM, as part of the debate on networks and the keys to efficient and secure bandwidth and quality of service.
Afternoon meetings from 2 PM to 4 PM
Organised by Hub One in partnership with Mitel and Zebra, these meetings will be business- and business sector-orientated: a time for exchanges in a convivial atmosphere, to feed into reflections on the solutions and new technologies capable of addressing all kinds of business issues, with interactive presentations, video projections, the sharing of best practices and feedback from experience:

  • Offices: “How to reconcile information system accessibility and security, to facilitate mobility within the company?”
  • Industrial sites and warehouses: “How to optimise the productivity of production sites and warehouses in a context of workflow intensification?”
  • Deliveries: “How to guarantee the traceability and tracking of goods for all stakeholders in the chain (company, haulier, end-user)?”
  • Places receiving the public: “How are the new connected usages prompting us to reconceive the environment of places receiving the general public?”

Click here to discover the detailed programme
Hub One: local partner for businesses
With its 10 regional branch offices, and as part of its desire to provide concrete, end-to-end solutions, Hub One is organising this Tour de France in order to understand the current and future challenges facing businesses, highlight the issues surrounding digitalisation, and propose to businesses concrete solutions to ensure that they continue to remain competitive.
“Listening to our customers and meeting their expectations is at the heart of our concerns. Hub One innovates daily to meet their needs and guarantee that they get business solutions based on the best of the technologies, whether for SMEs or large corporations. This roadshow is the opportunity to meet up and exchange once again with our customers, and demonstrate to them our commitments,” explains Patrice Bélie, CEO of Hub One.
In partnership with Mitel, one of the world’s leaders in the field of enterprise communications, and Zebra, world leader in the supply of solutions and services offering businesses real-time visibility of their operations, this Tour will bring together all professionals from the sectors of transport & logistics, industry, commerce, retail, etc., and provide concrete responses to the business challenges of digital transformation.
“In a context of accelerated technological developments and the profound transformations that they are generating for businesses, this event is the opportunity to make the decision-makers aware of the way the working environment is evolving, and show them how our communication and collaboration solutions in Cloud mode – UCaaS – can address their issues of productivity, efficiency and improving the customer experience,” says Yvanie Trouilleux, Marketing Manager, Mitel.
“With the rapid evolution of customer expectations, professionals in the industrial supply chain are on the lookout for innovative technologies allowing them to gain in productivity, efficiency and visibility. The migration to modern operating systems such as Android is now a business reality. Leader on the Android terminals market, Zebra will be presenting its current and future solution for automating processes across the entire supply chain,” explains Jaime Faria, Regional Channel Manager, Zebra Technologies France.
Registration and detailed information at:
About the Hub One Tour partners
About Mitel
Among the world’s leaders in the field of enterprise communications, facilitating more than 2 billion connections daily, Mitel (NASDAQ: MITL; TSX: MNW) enables companies to connect up and collaborate, and service providers to propose innovative services to their customers. Our innovations and our experts are in the service of over 60 million users in more than 100 countries.
To find out more, visit our site: or follow us on Twitter
About Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA) is market leader for mobile terminals, scanners and printers for barcodes, associated with software and services for offering companies solutions guaranteeing them real-time visibility.
Thanks to the unparalleled operational visibility offered by Zebra, companies are becoming as smart and connected as the world around them, with real-time information, obtained thanks to visionary solutions associating hardware and software resources, along with service offers providing companies with the necessary competitive edge for simplifying their operations, obtaining better intelligence of their activities and customers, and equipping their itinerant personnel for facing up to a world centred on data. For more information, go to or sign up to receive our News.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
Detailed programme:

8:15 – Breakfast reception
8:35 – Opening and introduction by Dominique Filippone, Head of Information, and Benoit Huet, Journalist, Le Monde Informatique
8:45 – Talk from HPE
9:05 – Network Debate – The keys to efficient and secure bandwidth and QoS
9:25 – Talk from Hub One
9:45 – Data Debate – Data visualisation in the service of operational performance
10:05 – Talk from Google
10:25 – Break
10:55 – Facing the challenges of GDRP
11:05 – Security Debate
11:25 – Talk from BlackBerry
11:45 – Storage Debate
Optimising primary and secondary storage: From flash to storage as a service
12:05 – Talk from NetApp
12:25 – Digital Transformation Debate – Towards a 50%-cloud, 50%-mobile, 100%-performance information system
12:45 – Document management in the era of the mobile office, by Benjamin Claus, Products Marketing Manager, Kyocera Document Solutions
1:05 – Cocktail lunch
2:20 – Opening and introduction, by Stanislas De Cordoue
2:30 – Networks Debate “How to reconcile information system accessibility and security, to facilitate mobility within the company?”
(Presentation dedicated to the office environment)
2:55 – Production & Logistics Debate: “How to optimise the productivity of production sites and warehouses in a context of workflow intensification?” (Presentation dedicated to the industrial sites and warehouse environment)
3:20 – Deliveries Debate: “How to guarantee the traceability and tracking of goods for all stakeholders in the chain (company, haulier, end-user)?” (Presentation dedicated to the Deliveries environment)
3:45 – Consumer Experience Debate: “How are the new connected usages prompting us to reconceive the environment of places receiving the general public?” (Presentation dedicated to places receiving the public)
4:05 – Closing cocktail


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