Publish: 22 juin 2017

CERP Bretagne Atlantique chooses Hub One to optimise its logistics processes using voice


– With the Hub One VoiXtreme voice solution, CERP has improved its order picking time by 10% –

CERP Bretagne Atlantique, the wholesale pharmaceuticals distributor, delivers around
20,000 orders per day to 1800 pharmacies around Atlantic Europe. To meet these very tight deadlines and maintain the delivery volumes, CERP wanted to obtain a new, reliable, user-friendly, simple, more flexible and real-time solution to optimise its order-picking process. This solution needed to work alongside its proprietary software, to comply with the company’s specific characteristics and needs. This is the context in which Hub One proposed to CERP its Hub One VoiXtreme voice solution.
Created in 1938 by pharmacists from the town of Saint-Brieuc, CERP is today leader in its catchment zone with a turnover of €951 million, sites in 6 countries, and 81 branch offices around the world, 12 of which are in France. Benefiting from a strong local presence, CERP Bretagne Atlantique has some 600 employees in France, for delivering medicines daily. The company meets the legal requirements of having to deliver any medicines in less than 24 hours to any pharmacy in its sector. This is a constraint that necessitates high-performance tools complying with strict productivity, traceability and versatility specifications.
Since 2011, when the traceability obligation came into force imposing the labelling of each pack of medicines subject to marketing authorisation with a Datamatrix-standard barcode, CERP has equipped itself with voice solutions to improve and streamline its supply chain. Today, the company wants to have a far more flexible tool suited to each business need (order-picking, inventory, etc.) and which can work alongside its proprietary software, developed to meet the specific characteristics and needs of the employees.
To this end, CERP turned to the VoiXtreme solution from Hub One. Accordingly, 160 PDAs have already been equipped, with the solution envisaged to be deployed within 3 years on 800 terminals.
For this project, Hub One provided support and technical advice to CERP so that it could acquire the necessary freedom and independence to incorporate its own software and thus optimise its order-picking process.
The Hub One VoiXtreme solution allows CERP to choose between the various modes (voice/no voice) depending on business needs, and reap all the benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced error rates
  • Improved operator comfort thanks to a functional and modular terminal
  • Quicker integration of new employees, the solution being so intuitive
  • CERP independence in developing voice scenarios

We were looking for an innovative solution to optimise our logistics activities, and we chose the Hub One VoiXtreme solution for the reliability and longevity that it guarantees. Currently in the process of deployment, the solution has already proven itself by improving workstation take-up time and the productivity rate,” declares Frédéric Piriou, Technical Manager of the Sofirep subsidiary of the CERP Group. “Furthermore, the pharmaceuticals industry is undergoing profound changes, in particular regulatory ones with serialisation, and we are happy to be able to count on Hub One, with its end-to-end supply chain expertise, to help us address these strategic issues.”

The solution deployed by Hub One includes:
–         The Hub One VoiXtreme voice solution for preparing orders either vocally or via RF
–         The terminals and accessories linked to the voice context
On the strength of this project, CERP is pursuing its traceability process and has entered into discussions for the implementation of new solutions for the warehouses, using the “Put to light” and “RFID” technologies that are also developed by the Hub One Group.

“In the pharmaceuticals sector, there are strict regulatory requirements. Thanks to our expertise and our Hub One VoiXtreme voice solution, we can support and advise CERP so that it can optimise its order preparation and the lead times required for delivering pharmaceutical products. In the Hub One Group we are organised into skills hubs, enabling our business and field expertise to be mobilised in service of the customer’s needs,” says Christophe Laroche, Sales Engineer for the Mobility division at Hub One.
Press release in PDF format: CERP Bretagne Atlantique chooses Hub One to optimise its logistics processes using voice]]>

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