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25% of a professional’s time is dedicated to communication and collaboration. The streamlining and optimisation of the telephony service therefore have a direct impact on satisfaction and productivity.


PABX switchboards were for a long time the response to these enterprise issues, but as they age they deteriorate and give rise to malfunctions, which can prove very costly. The wise choice is then to switch to:

  • An operated solution, where the PABX is hosted by the operator, thereby freeing you not only of the space constraints but of the unwieldy maintenance management involved in PABXs.
  • A solution unifying your telephone network and your IT network, which considerably reduces the costs linked to the deployment, use and maintenance of the new client terminals.
    Putting in place a telephony solution that meets the needs of staff while optimising your communication preferences can sometimes be a real challenge.


Your needs

Need to reduce your enterprise telephony costs?


Need to link your telephony to certain specific business applications?


Need a secure solution hosted by an operator recognised for its quality of service in competitive environments?


You expect:

  • Voicemail for each terminal
  • Voicemail that can be consulted from outside the company
  • Analysis of inbound and outbound calls per terminal
  • Calls-on-hold feature
  • Possibility of calling an internal or external terminal using a prefix
  • Transparent maintenance costs
  • A flexible, simple and accessible Cloud solution


Our solutions expertise

Our Solutions

Hub one member

A shared and operated telephony offering, Hub One Member gives you privileged access to the Hub One telephone networks and provides you with a host of advanced features:

  • 5-digit dialling
  • Call forwarding
  • Ringing signal
  • Call display / call masking
  • Call restrictions
  • Hunt group calls
  • Missed calls indication


Member subscribers do not need any private branch exchange equipment to benefit from this unparalleled service level.


The offering is aimed at SMEs and micro-businesses on airport platforms who wish to adopt a professional and secure telephony solution hosted by the operator.


Hub one connectivity

An offering for connecting private branch exchange equipment (PABX, IPBX) to the Hub One networks, this allows you to benefit from our QoS and our availability guarantee. All this without the need for advanced telephony functions or the pooling of equipment.


The Connectivity offering proposes three levels of subscription:

  • Analogue line with no advanced features
  • T0 basic access
  • T2 primary access


The offering is aimed at SMEs and micro-businesses on airport platforms who wish to adopt a professional and secure telephony solution hosted on their premises.


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