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Private networks enable employees to share the same information system regardless of the site to which they are attached. However, with the rise in mobility (33% of workers are concerned), CIOs need to face the challenge of opening the private networks to the outside world, while preserving the same level of security.


Your needs

Need to extend access your information system to employees on the move, without sacrificing the security of your private network?


Need a single private network for your multisite company?


You expect:

  • Tariffs, bandwidths and options suited to your usages
  • Turnkey service
  • Quality of service commitments
  • Possibility of duplicating links to increase service availability
  • Regular reporting: follow-up, coordination and management of telecom usages
  • Secure remote access to the enterprise network for roaming users


Our solutions

Hub one vpn ip

VPN IP offers the collaborative benefits of the private network, the security of encrypted transmissions, and the low cost of Internet data flows.


Hub One VPN IP is a cost-effective, secure, superfast broadband IP interconnection (via SDSL or fibre). The VPN IP solution guarantees the isolation of customer data flows.


VPN IP is aimed at:

  • Multisite companies wishing to link up their private network of remote sites or roaming employees
  • SMEs or mid-size companies wishing to equip themselves with a virtual private network

Associated services

Hub One proposes the installation, configuration and commissioning of your solution in rapid time.


Hub One makes available to you a tool for monitoring your solution, enabling you to access the performance, availability and usage statistics.


Service performance commitments:

Hub One is committed to the performance of the service provided: transit time, jitter, packet loss rate, and so on. For further details, please refer to the technical service access specifications.


Maximum Service Downtime (MSD) of 10 hours:

Hub One is committed to a maximum service downtime of 10 hours per year.


Guaranteed Restoration Time (GRT) 5-4:

Hub One is committed to restoring to correct operation your VPN IP solution in less than 4 hours (during working hours).


Available options

Guaranteed Restoration Time (GRT) 7-4:

Hub One offers you a 4-hour (non-working hours) GRT option, which extends the GRT 5-4 conditions to non-working hours and days.


Securing your access:

Hub One proposes to double your accesses to increase the availability of your service. Two backup modes are possible:

  • Active/Active mode: both links function in parallel.
  • Active/Passive mode: the backup link is activated when the main link goes down.
    When you opt for one of these security options, the MSD is reduced to 6 hours, and the GRT is applied by default to non-working hours.



Management by Class of Service:

Hub One proposes to differentiate the processing of your data flows according to their business priority.


Secure Internet gateway:

Hub One proposes to handle the management of the firewall and the secure Internet output, with associated SLA, for bandwidths of between 2 Mbps and 100 Mbps.


Roaming access:

Hub One proposes to put in place a single, easy-to-use connection portal to allow all your roaming workers to access your network


What can we do for you?

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