Centrex telephony

Your company

What's at stake

The connectivity of your company has today become a vital issue for addressing the needs and usages of both your staff and your ultra-connected customers. It cannot be denied that communication remains central to any business, and facilitates the smooth running of any company.


With such a vast array of communication modes, the bar is set ever higher in terms of information exchange requirements, and finding a solution, the equipment and the tools for improving productivity and the everyday working environment can sometimes seem like mission impossible.


So much is therefore at stake, for best addressing the expectations of your personnel and your customers, while preserving your corporate values.




Your needs

You are a business looking to outsource and standardise your telephony?


You want your employees to be equipped with fixed and mobile terminals, so they can work in an office environment suited to their daily routine.


You are looking for:

  • A simple and professional telephony proposal
  • A professional switchboard service
  • Accessibility at all times to your employees, even on the move
  • Tools facilitating collaborative work for users
  • Resources for optimising fleet management, for administrators


Your objective is to acquire:

  • A simple and scalable telephony solution
  • Simplified operation
  • Managed budget
  • A partner you can trust


Our Solutions

Hub one smart call

Experts on this market for many years, the Hub One teams can support you in the study and improvement of your enterprise telephony.

From project validation to implementation, our people provide you with end-to-end support in the optimisation of your enterprise telephony, by way of an industrialised and automated solution that offers you:

  • Autonomy, thanks to the tools available to you
  • Advanced and scalable telephony services
  • Collaboration


With this solution you get:

  • Extra space: the telephony hardware is no longer physically present on your premises but hosted by Hub One
  • Financial savings: no more switchboard maintenance, communication costs that are managed, and equipment that is suited and optimised to the usages of your users
  • Advanced features: equivalent to those of a PABX, and scalable with innovative services such as Softphone, unified messaging, and so on


Our solutions expertise

What can we do for you?

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