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By 2020, the number of connected objects will exceed 20.8 billion, 6% of which in the professional environment (Source Gartner, 2016).


The Internet of Things (IoT) marks a new step in enterprise digitisation. Like Big Data and the Cloud before it, IoT opens up lots of new possibilities. Connected objects make it possible, for example, to optimise the concatenation of the steps in a process and reduce non-productive time.


The use of data transmitted by the IoT sensors also makes it possible, thanks to behaviour modelling, to anticipate breakdowns and run predictive maintenance operations in timely fashion. According to a study from Accenture Technology (2015), 70% of breakdowns are avoided thanks to the deployment of IoT solutions, representing 30% savings on global costs.


Your needs

Need to collect precise and personalised data to optimise your production tools?


Need to anticipate major technological changes to your professional ecosystem, to set you up as an innovation leader?



You expect:

  • Rapid deployment
  • A streamlined wireless infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Enhanced profitability with attractive economic models
  • Versatile IoT systems to meet different business needs


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Our Solutions

Hub one iot

Hub One supports you in the design, implementation and monitoring of your IoT system. Based on LoRa technology, the Hub One IoT solution revolves around three elements:

  • LoRa network connectivity maintained and operated by Hub One, covering the CDG, Orly and Le Bourget airports.
  • Access to the IoT information system platform which incorporates the collection, storage and processing of data, a sensors administration module, and a display module for the collected data.
  • Supplying the sensors, depending on your usage typologies and specific characteristics of your business lines.


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