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Open by nature, wireless networks (WLAN) for the general public are highly exposed to incidents and malicious acts.


In a context of ever-more commonplace cyberattacks, your challenge is therefore to audit the vulnerabilities of your Wi-Fi network to guard against all eventualities. If poorly protected, public Wi-Fi points create a breach in the enterprise IT network and can jeopardise your very business itself.


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Need to run an audit of your public Wi-Fi hotspot to guarantee the security of your information system?


Need a network diagnostic to identify the source of a drop in performance?


Need to study the possible avenues of improving your existing infrastructure to obtain optimum customer satisfaction?


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Our solutions

Hub one wi-fi as a service

The Hub One Wi-Fi as a Service solution proposes end-to-end project support:

  • Wireless coverage study

Analysis of the coverage zone, audit of population density and usages, validation of bandwidths, interference analysis, incident detection, search for sources, etc.

  • Installation of a suitable Wi-Fi infrastructure

Design and deployment of the recommended infrastructure, administration & supervision of equipment.

  • Complete LAN infrastructure

Validation of and support with equipment configuration, managed LAN, administration & supervision of installations, etc.


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