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An integral part for some years now of corporate marketing strategies, public Wi-Fi is acknowledged to constitute a true growth lever. Through its ease-of-use and the time savings from associated services, Wi-Fi is the popular choice of 35 million French mobile web users who frequent places receiving the general public.


For site managers, making available a public Wi-Fi hotspot enables collection of qualified customer data. Efficiently exploited, hotspot data help you to improve your knowledge of customers (connection times, pages visited, geolocation, satisfaction level) and create a personalised relationship (couponing, loyalty program, texting, etc.).


Your needs

Need to offer a superfast broadband connection to visitors to your establishment?


Need to propose associated interactive services (geolocation, product catalogue, contextual information, etc.) to facilitate the customer experience?


Need to incorporate the data collected by the public Wi-Fi hotspot in your CRM strategy?



You expect:

  • Interoperability of the public Wi-Fi hotspot with all types of terminal
  • A local reusable link
  • Modification on request of the portal design or the connection pathway
  • Handling of the set-up and management of roaming
  • Proactive improvement of the QoE


You want to provide users with:

  • Easy, rapid, high-performance and free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi technology
  • A high-performance captive authentication portal
  • Numerous service apps: weather, news, chat, geolocation, etc.


Our solutions expertise

Our solutions

Hub one wi-fi as a service

The Wi-Fi as a Service infrastructure offering is 100%-hosted and operated by Hub One. It includes:

  • Complete or partial management of the project according to your needs: audits of coverage, wiring, installation, maintenance, LAN, Wi-Fi terminals, Internet link, etc.
  • Hosted architecture minimising investment in on-site equipment
  • Proactive, real-time network supervision
  • 99.8% end-to-end availability commitment


Our Wi-Fi as a Service solution generates 95% satisfaction among Hub One users.


Hotspot as a service option

To open up your Wi-Fi to the public, the offering features a Hotspot as a Service option which includes:

  • Fast and intuitive customisation of the login portal
  • Monetisation tools
  • Customer data analysis: user path and profile, geolocation, login pathway, loyalty rate, etc.
  • Diverse user login methods: form filling, login via social networks, etc.
  • A marketplace equipped with a wide choice of widgets: advertising content, promotional coupons, e-mailing campaigns
  • Training in platform management for complete autonomy in the launch and tracking of campaigns
  • Compliance with all legal requirements


Made-to-measure hub one hotspot

The Made-To-Measure Hotspot offering, based on the market-leading UCOPIA technology, is 100%-operated and administered by Hub One. The portal is accompanied by a Hub One service platform offering a multitude of services:

  • Big Data: collection and analysis of Wi-Fi data for a better understanding of the customer
  • Advanced Portal: made-to-measure portal with customised login pathway (marketing campaign, crowdsourcing, e-mailing and satisfaction surveys)
  • Roaming & Offload: enabling mobile operators to propose roaming offerings to their end customers over Wi-Fi
  • Monetisation: generating ROI via the Wi-Fi network through sponsoring, advertising and marketing campaigns


The Made-To-Measure Hotspot offering is aimed at:

  • Hotels and residences
  • Places of culture and leisure
  • Shopping malls
  • Agencies and chains


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