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To remain competitive in an ever more complex logistics sector, your challenge is to find the means to ensure the continued optimisation of product flows, from end to end of the value chain. Delivery times today constitute a vector of customer satisfaction.


For you, the challenge is mainly informational. You need to be capable of anticipating variations in stocks, the ordering of raw materials and the replenishment needs, in order to maintain control of your costs and lead times.


Your needs

Need to optimise the use of your human and material resources?


Need to guarantee traceability over your entire supply chain?


You expect:

  • A flexible and bespoke solution
  • A tool in service of your performance


Our Solutions

Hub one rfid

Encompassing operated service platform, business applications and reader gates, Hub One has developed the most extensive RFID traceability service offering on the market. As a logistics professional, you can integrate the Hub One barcode and RFID technologies for:

  • Precise and reliable field information
  • Automatic flow tracking
  • Electronic exchanges
  • Industrialised processes
  • Streamlined fleet of production assets
  • Optimised maintenance


Hub one inventory viewer

Hub One Inventory Viewer is a smart mechanism placed on a classic cart for conducting inventories via imaging, through the combination of barcode reader cameras and detection and location sensors. As well as reducing the inventory time and limiting human intervention, Hub One Inventory Viewer means:

  • Stock reliability in excess of 99.8%.
  • Compatibility with all retracs on the market.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface.
  • Synchronisation and transmission of data to the management system.


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