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Identification of resources and containers enables real-time supervision of the entire supply chain. The implementation of a seamless goods traceability solution considerably reduces the loss and theft of products, facilitates inventories and replenishment, optimises safety stock levels and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.


Identifying products also makes it possible to track their service life and usage cycle with the end user. The choice of print medium and consumables must therefore take account of the pressures exerted on the identified goods.


Support from experts in the integration of traceability solutions in an industrial environment is vital to guaranteeing the viability of your project and maximising your ROI.


Your needs

Need fixed or mobile identification solutions suited to your equipment?


Need to optimise the performance of your printer and limit wear and tear on the printer head?


Need barcode labels, RFID tags and consumables for maximum print quality?


You expect:

  • Solutions compliant with the specifications of the various printers proposed: spool direction, spindle size, external roll diameter, spot or notches for the tickets.
  • Extremely high print quality for barcodes, whatever the orientation.
  • Practical packagings as clearly defined in the offerings.
  • Controlled quality of our consumables, delivery after delivery.
  • Fixed prices with a delivery service suited to your needs in the framework of an annual order.


Our Solutions

Hub one print solution

The Hub One Print Solution experts support you from end to end of your identification projects:

  • Choice of equipment
  • Deployment of the chosen solution
  • Networking
  • In-service maintenance of your professional print solution


The Hub One Print Solution adapts to the business specifics of each sector of activity: logistics warehouse, industry, hospital, laboratory, agribusiness, off-the-peg clothing, luxury goods, etc.


To this end, Hub One has developed special relationships with the major players on the professional printing market. Hub One Print Solution means:

  • I’m An extremely wide choice of print media, from the most disposable (e.g., 24h messaging labels) to the most durable (e.g., motor-vehicle labels).
  • A managed range of printers: industrial printers, tabletop printers, portable printers.


Hub one consumables

Our Hub One Consumables team responds reactively to your professional printing consumables requirements:

  • Standard fabrications: combination of more than 1000 tools with the print media
  • Made-to-measure: dimensions, colour, logo, screenprinting, along with on-demand finishing
  • Specific solutions: for more technical applications (clean rooms, autoclaves)
  • From stock: Intermec, Zebra, Tec…


All Hub One Consumables solutions are designed to suit your particular business lines and your traceability and mobility equipment.


The performance of the Hub One logistics service guarantees high reactivity, for short delivery turnaround times.


What can we do for you?

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