Order picking

Optimise your supply chain processes

As a company, you want to optimise your order picking processes

your issues: optimise your order picking and increase your productivity

Between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017, the number of online transactions increased by 20.5%. This translates into an intensification of the flows of goods and an ever larger number of orders to prepare.


The computerisation of the means of production and of the supply chain has enabled warehouses to face up to this first ramp-up of e-commerce. Yet the current growth in flows is such that new levers of optimisation need to be found.


Your challenge is to associate innovatively the new market technologies to facilitate dialogue between the field staff and your information system; optimise the handling of goods; and drastically reduce the error rates.


your needs: optimise communication between your order pickers and your information system

Need to optimise communication between your operators and your information system?


Need to improve the productivity and reactivity of your operators, to remain competitive?


Need to reduce the error rate in the preparation of orders, so as not to waste your time?


Need to guarantee a more user-friendly environment for your operators, in a context of intensification of their activity?


You expect:

  • Productivity gains from your operators
  • Quality control for your processes
  • Technologies in service of your performance
  • A flexible and bespoke solution
  • A solution with no middleman and no middleware
  • A multimodal and multifunctional solution


Hub One order picking solutions

Hub one voixtreme

Hub One VoiXtreme is a multimodal voice recognition and synthesis solution aimed at order pickers. The pickers are guided by voice and dialogue directly with the information system by means of a wireless terminal, a headset and a microphone. They can operate hands-free, and only need to validate vocally the instructions received.


Hub One runs a pilot on your premises for a period of 2 to 3 weeks to validate the solution before proceeding with its deployment. It is also possible to conduct a skills transfer so that you can handle in-house the development of the Hub One VoiXtreme voice solution.


Hub one pick-to-light and put-to-light

Hub One Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light assist operators in warehousing or preparing multiple orders. These solutions provide a response in particular to the many small-sized orders and to ever-greater workflows.


The luminous display allows operators to identify clearly and rapidly where they need to put or pick the product.


When an operator is preparing an order, once the product is scanned a light signal tells the operator in which slot of the pick-to cart it needs to be put. This is validated by infrared control. Once all the products are scanned and deposited, a screen indicates any missing items. By streamlining and checking the work of the operator, the solution guarantees:

  • Major productivity gains
  • A sharp drop in the error rate
  • Optimisation of the sorting time


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