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Cyberattacks against enterprise networks are on the increase. In 2016, a survey revealed that 8 in 10 companies had suffered a cyberattack in the previous year. Also, in the first half of 2017, two major ransomware attacks paralysed the activity of hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world.


The growing interconnection of people and machines is causing cybersecurity to rise to the top of the economic and political priorities of our companies.


Your needs

Need to unify your security solution to protect your network from outside threats?


Need to control the IT activity of end-users to prevent risk behaviour?


You expect:

  • A simple, complete and scalable solution
  • Security services managed by network experts
  • Unified management of threats: antivirus, anti-spam, web filtering, intrusion prevention, applications control, etc.


Our solutions expertise

Our solutions

Hub one lan security

Hub One LAN Security is a hardware and software solution installed, configured, operated and maintained by the Hub One experts. It is a solution offering:

  • Protection for IT networks, apps and data transiting via the web from external threats (Anti-intrusion, Antivirus, Antispam, Web filtering, Applications control)
  • Prioritisation of your business applications (Purchasing, Accounts, CRM, Email) with bandwidth management features
  • Consultation of a set of activity supervision reports (traffic visibility, browser history, detected security alerts, etc.)
  • Secure interconnection of your remote sites for sharing your enterprise data
  • Interconnection of roaming users to the enterprise network A secure connection (VPN IPSec or SSL*) is created between the user terminal and the Hub One security solution. This makes it possible to connect securely to the network and to the enterprise applications via any type of access (Wi-Fi, mobile network, etc.).


Hub One LAN Security adapts to your organisation. In this way, you can manage the security rules or entrust this task to the Hub One experts. An administration console enables partial access in read/write mode to:

  • Firewall rules management
  • Security profiles management (antivirus, web filter, etc.)
  • User accounts management


Hub One LAN Security is also included in the Hub One LAN Managed Advanced and Premium solutions.


*VPN: Virtual Private Network – IPSEC: Internet Protocol Security – SSL: Secure Sockets Layer


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