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A company’s information system must evolve over time. Yet before any work is done on your networks, you need to make sure that your infrastructure presents the requisite conditions.


You have moved into new premises and inherited the existing wiring? Run an audit of your wiring infrastructure to check that best practices have been observed.


You’re going to deploy a ToIP / VoIP or videoconferencing solution? Run an audit of the compatibility of your networks with the target solution, so as to make the right decision.


Your users complain of problems of slowness when using apps? Draw up an inventory of the application flows transiting over your network or via your data centre.


In each case, it is important for you to benefit from the critical and non-partisan view of an enterprise networks specialist.


Your needs

Need to have an audit done of your installations, and obtain recommendations for possible improvements?


Need support in setting up a migration project?


Need to know the reason for a technical problem severely affecting your network?


You expect:

  • Advice and expertise from a networks integration specialist?
  • Precise measurements and a detailed report with development recommendations?


Our solutions expertise

Our solutions

Lan toip and videoconference audit

Before deploying a ToIP / VoIP or videoconferencing solution in your company, Hub One produces for you an audit of the compatibility of your networks with the target solution.


The Hub One LAN ToIP and Videoconferencing Audit service includes:

Wiring audit

  • Measuring the quality of the copper wiring
  • Measuring the quality of the fibre
  • Numbering the sockets
  • Labelling in the main distribution frames/sub distribution frames
  • Action plan
  • etc.


LAN architecture audit

  • Hardware/software equipment survey (switches)
  • Current configuration status: VLAN, IP addressing plan
  • etc.


A presented and commented audit report

  • Presentation of conclusions and general recommendations in light of all measurements conducted on the wiring
  • Recommendations for LAN client prerequisites before deploying a Unified Communications and/or
  • Videoconferencing solution
  • Recommendations for configuration of LAN equipment
  • Recommendations on the dimensions of LAN links
  • etc.


Throughout this service, Hub One makes available to you innovative, high-performance and professionally-acknowledged tools (hardware and software).


Computer wiring audit

Good-condition computer wiring offers the assurance of a network in good working order. Hub One’s engineers can check it and make recommendations for improvements.


The computer wiring audit is used to:

  • identify the type and quality of all computer wiring elements (cables, sockets, cords, etc.)
  • check compliance with best practices (length of cables, cable ducts used, cable laying, connection scheme, etc.)
  • ensure correct correspondence in the identification of computer sockets in offices with those in the computer racks
  • test the copper cables and fibres using appropriate measurement devices (Fluke, optical reflectometer)
  • draft an action plan
  • define the conformity level of the computer wiring with respect to the various standards
  • validate the type of networks usable with the computer wiring


Performance audit

The performance audit conducted by the Hub One engineers consists in:

  • putting in place all active sensors for measuring, over a given period, the performance and availability of your network infrastructure and/or your critical applications
  • creating, automating and running test scenarios
  • collecting measurements in a database


Following this audit, we provide you with a presented and commented report which details:

  • The conclusions for the measured data (examples: availability rate, available bandwidth, speed of transactions, packet loss rate, jitter, MOS score, MDI for video stream broadcasting, network traverse time, etc.)
  • The detailed report with graphs and matrices for all tests conducted over the duration of the audit


Flow / diagnostic audit

The diagnostic audit is used to search for the reason for a technical problem occurring on the network. It includes:

  • Familiarisation with the network architecture
  • Possible implementation of a protocol analyser
  • An exhaustive search for the technical problem on the network


The audit consists in putting in place passive sensors for recording, over a given period, a set of network data including:

  • Capacity planning (mapping flows and their consumption per site)
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of application performance (user response time, diagnostic of poor response times)
  • Determining applications and URLs (mapping data flows)


These audits generate the drafting of the report, presented and commented at a summary meeting.


In the case of a diagnostic audit, this covers:

  • The report on the tests carried out
  • Corrective and upgrade recommendations


In the case of a flow audit, the report presents:

  • The complete analysis of the flows transiting over the network
  • Detailed statistics on the use of network resources by the various enterprise applications
  • Corrective and upgrade recommendations that may be accompanied by a budget estimation


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