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The world of transport and delivery needs to adapt the way it works in order to satisfy ever-more demanding end-clients, who expect precise and rapid information. Indeed, 38% of consumers declare that, following a bad delivery experience, they would never buy anything else from the e-commerce site concerned.


Your challenge is to facilitate the vertical and horizontal information exchanges within your supply chain to optimise the delivery rounds and keep control of costs.

Your needs

Need to track your fleet in real time?


Need to track and coordinate your deliveries and collections in real time?


Need to calculate the estimated arrival and departure times before the round begins?


Need to monitor the driving performance of drivers to reduce your management costs?


Need to obtain a reliable and geocoded addresses base?


You expect:

  • Real data enabling you to manage your supply chain performance
  • Better working conditions for your drivers
  • Optimised use of your vehicle fleet
  • A more precise and reliable delivery service
  • A new means of winning customer loyalty


Our solutions

Delivery software package

The Hub One Delivery Software Package is aimed at all major corporations or SMEs that transport or deliver goods:

  • Hauliers
  • Express messengers
  • Retail: e-retailers, office supplies, home delivery of frozen foods, etc.
  • Hauliers specialised in controlled refrigeration
  • Postal operators
  • Dairy cooperatives
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Manufacturers with in-house transport


Hub one delivery

The Hub One Delivery mobile app secures the traceability of packages between the collection point and end-client reception. The recording of real data by the mobile terminal facilitates information feedback and the management of supply chain performance. Hub One Delivery guarantees:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Improved tracking of drivers


Hub one optimisation

Hub One Optimisation is based on the geocoding of customer addresses for determining the optimum scheduling of rounds. The arrival time at the client’s is recalculated in real time after the driver’s departure, as the round progresses. Hub One Optimisation makes it possible to:

  • Steer the progress of the round via the back-office
  • Inform clients of delayed or advanced deliveries
  • Continuously improve the configuration of the rounds scheduler


Hub one geolocation

Hub One Geolocation returns at defined frequencies the GPS coordinates of terminals to monitor the state of progress of transport assignments. Geolocation makes it possible to plan routes and adapt the planning in real time to unforeseen events:

  • Reducing the mileage covered
  • Reducing management overheads
  • Improving the security of sensitive transported goods


Hub one eco-driving

The Hub One solution automatically collects the vehicle data (speed, acceleration, braking, etc.) linked to the driver’s behaviour. These data are published on the cab interface as a driving aid and can be consulted for analysis on a web portal. Adapting eco-driving means:

  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Reducing the number of accidents by 70%
  • Reducing CO2 emissions


Hub one address

Specially suited to express and BtoC hauliers, Hub One Address recognises delivery addresses via the phone number, a name or a keyword. Back orders are processed by an intuitive back-office application, which includes mapping. Hub One Address offers:

  • Optimisation of the scheduling of rounds
  • ETA-ETD calculation with customer alerts
  • Few manual operations


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