Be reachable under all circumstances on the runway

As a company, you wish to benefit from a TETRA radio system

your issues: having a robust radio system for coordinating your operations

Airports are complex environments where many different trades rub shoulders. The multitude of services proposed (runway intervention, passenger assistance, loading and unloading of baggage, buses and shuttles, etc.) requires perfect coordination of the operators on the ground.


In this intense and sensitive context, an independent TETRA digital radio system is vital for the smooth running of operations. It must be resistant to power outages in crisis situations, and never be saturated, in contrast to the classic GSM networks.


your needs: unproblematic communication on airport runways

Need to make or receive calls on airport runways?


Need to communicate even in the case of a power outage or saturation of the GSM network?


You expect:

  • Rapidity, with a voice or data connection in less than 500 ms
  • Secure communications, with authentication and data encryption
  • Flawless quality of service in a noisy environment
  • Robust terminals, suited to the industrial world and to difficult conditions of use
  • Independence vis-a-vis the public networks saturated by passengers in airports


The Hub One TETRA solution

Hub One TETRA is a professional “walkie-talkie” type professional communication service established over a digital radio network and operated by Hub One.


The Hub One TETRA network benefits from the most extensive radio coverage in the Paris airports. The Hub One solutions include:

  • instant group or individual calls
  • individual calls with off-hooking after ringing
  • individual calls to fixed or mobile terminals


hub one tetra, essential pack

The Hub One TETRA Essential pack includes:

  • Monthly subscription to the radio communication service
  • Unlimited instant individual calls in semi-duplex mode
  • Unlimited group calls in semi-duplex mode
  • Unlimited “Status” text messages
  • Rental / maintenance of the Motorola MTP3500 terminal


hub one tetra, process pack

The Hub One TETRA Process pack includes:

  • All services included in the Essential pack
  • 30 hours of calls in full duplex
  • Rental / maintenance of the Motorola MTP3500 or MTM5400 terminal


Hub One TETRA Manager pack

The Hub One TETRA Manager pack includes:

  • All services included in the Process pack
  • Access to the telephone networks outside the Hub One TETRA network
  • 1 hour of calls to the fixed platform or THELA lines managed by Hub One included per line
  • Rental / maintenance of the Motorola MTP3500 or MTM5400 terminal


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