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The EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare) requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to be capable by 2019 of displaying a unique number on each pack of medicines subject to marketing authorisation. Production lines must therefore be equipped with a hardware solution for printing the number, and a software solution capable of managing this massive new influx of data.


This is because it will be mandatory to guarantee the uniqueness of each medicine pack and its compliance with the legislation of the recipient country, whatever its production site. Your challenge is to comply with this new regulatory obligation by including serialisation in your production processes.


Your needs

Need a serialisation solution that can be adapted to your machines and your complex industrial environment?


Need to equip your production sites with traceability systems in compliance with European regulations?


Need to integrate a high-performance software solution capable of managing your multisite infrastructure?


Our Solutions expertise

Our solutions


Hub One has solid expertise in the integration and maintenance of traceability systems in industry. In partnership with specialised software publishers in the medical sector, Hub One proposes suitable serialisation solutions for guaranteeing the authenticity of your products and combating counterfeiting.


As a specialist in telecommunications within complex environments, Hub One guarantees efficient management of your data flows, linked to the allocation of the unique number, throughout all your production sites.


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