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Your company

Your issues

Staff in airport zones must be able to move around in complete security throughout the area and communicate whatever the circumstance. Airports are complex environments where people and devices are subject to extreme pressures. Professional mobile telephony used in airports must therefore meet extreme technical constraints, in exceptional and sensitive cases of use and under exceedingly difficult call conditions.


Your needs

Need secure equipment suited to working in airport zone conditions, and operational whatever the circumstances?


Need lightweight roaming terminals specially designed for airport professionals?


Need a reactive after-sales service in case of incidents?



You expect:

  • Optimum wireless coverage in airport zones
  • Mobile telephony terminals suited to the airport environment
  • Strictly professional usage, with no apps or games
  • Efficient after-sales
  • Unparalleled audio quality


Our Solutions


The THELA solution equips your mobile airport platform staff with robust roaming phone sets, as reliable as landline terminals. By accessing the Hub One network, to date the largest network operated in France to the DECT standard, users of the Thela solution benefit from optimum network coverage.


Specially designed to meet the requirements of mobile personnel in airport zones, Hub One Thela includes:

  • Access to the 1200 Hub One DECT network terminals (at Charles-de-Gaulle or Orly airports)
  • Unlimited calls to all THELA terminals and all landline numbers in mainland France
  • Terminal maintenance and its replacement in 15 minutes


THELA is aimed at mobile professionals on airport platforms.


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