Hub One Project Management

Your company

Your issues

The decision is made: the network installations of your company must evolve. Your challenge is to run this new project to a successful conclusion, by surrounding yourself with an experienced multidisciplinary team, under the best possible conditions.


Your needs

Need independent consultants to help you define your needs and determine the potential solutions?


Need a single, reliable contact for covering the prime contracting of your project, from design through to deployment?


Our Solutions

Hub one project management

Hub One proposes to manage the project from design through to completion, thanks to a single contact responsible for:

  • Distributing tasks among all personnel assigned to the project
  • Coordinating the teams for the study and deployment phases
  • Organising periodic progress meetings and drafting the minutes
  • Defining the security standards to be put in place, and the specific escalation procedures for the project
  • Controlling operations and compliance with the project schedule
  • Supervising deployment of the chosen solution
  • Liaising with suppliers and tracking orders
  • Conducting the various technical and functional acceptance testing operations for the service and producing the acceptance testing reports
  •  Coordinating the drafting of project deliverables and submitting the documents to your project manager for validation


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