Hub One Solution / Service Deployment

Your company

Your issues

You have acquired a bespoke technological solution which is suited to your complex technical and business environment. Your challenge is to succeed with its deployment and guarantee its optimal operation for your internal clients.


Your needs

Need a certified operational team for deploying your solution or service?


Need a single project manager for simplifying the supervision of the technical deployment of the solution or service?


Need a service commitment to guarantee the correct operation of the solution once deployed?


Our Solutions

Hub one solution / service deployment

Hub One supports you in the deployment of the solutions acquired by making available to you a single project contact.


This dedicated project manager is tasked with coordinating the jobs of the various production teams:

  • Wiring and installation of equipment, conducted by technicians certified for our partner solutions.
  • Configuration, measurements and tests, conducted by Hub One engineers.
  • Training users and making available the project deliverables.

The operational teams assigned to the project are composed of technicians who have worked on the latest Hub One mobile coverage projects.


Once deployment is terminated, the Hub One project manager conducts the:

  • VABF (Vérification d’Aptitude au Bon Fonctionnement – Operational Health Check) to verify the compliance of all functionalities described in the contract and in the operational documentation;
  • VSR (Vérification du Service Régulier – Regular Service Check), consisting in testing and validating the product in the actual conditions of use of the networks in your specific environment. This stage includes making available the project deliverables (in particular, the acceptance testing reports of your different sites) and an As-Built File (DOE – Dossier d’Ouvrage Exécuté), and handing over the project to your operations teams.


What can we do for you?

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