Publish: 24 October 2016

ITM LEMI, part of the Les Mousquetaires Group, opts for the VoiXtreme voice solution from Hub One and improves the quality of its order picking

<![CDATA[ITM LEMI, the non-food logistics branch of Les Mousquetaires, manages more than 30 million packages per year. It has called upon Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, to put in place its voice solution, VoiXtreme. The objective: to adapt the ITM work tool to the specifics of the order preparation activity, addressing a wide mix of products destined for DIY and automotive equipment stores.
With six warehouses, based in Albon (2), Anais, Shanghai and Garancières (2), ITM LEMI has 300,000 m² of aggregate storage space and 650 employees for managing the household and automotive equipment supply chain. The company provides its employees with data input terminals for order picking, inventory, loading bay inspection and load inspection.
When we met them, they were looking for an innovative solution to optimise their supply chain activities and improve the quality of their order preparation. The idea was to be able to integrate the voice solution in a single terminal, capable of covering a maximum of tasks, from picking the packages through to loading them in the trucks. After various test phases, the VoiXtreme solution from Hub One and the Datalogic Falcon X3+ terminal were chosen, in particular for their ease of use and user-friendliness,” says François Duchesne, Business Developer Manager for Supply Chain Solutions at Hub One.
The VoiXtreme solution associated with the Datalogic Falcon X3+ terminal meets the requirements of ITM LEMI and allows it to:

  • provide its employees with a user-friendly, multi-modular and multifunctional terminal: they have their hands free for handling loads and entering data and can, if needed, use all the terminal media (keypad, screen, laser, voice); use the same terminal for several warehouse functions (goods-in, order preparation, inventories, etc.);
  • improve order-picking quality by reducing the data entry error rate;
  • enjoy total independence thanks to the skills transfer to the ITM teams, with maintenance being provided by Hub One.
  • integrate new employees more quickly, since the solution is intuitive and needs no special learning.

Furthermore, the solution proposed by Hub One, as built around VoiXtreme, offers innovative features, such as the possibility of being able to state figures and numbers, not having to confirm each phrase with the word “OK“, or being an independent speaker (no recording of the voice print of users). Every new user can use their terminal directly without having to calibrate it, offering significant added value for ITM LEMI, which employs large numbers of temporary staff.
After a series of tests and validation, this solution was deployed on 60 terminals in late 2015. Our positive feedback has even sparked the interest of our colleagues in other group entities. The voice solution could ultimately be deployed on 180 potential terminals,” says Mr Stéphane Renoux, Director of operations at ITM LEMI.

The solution deployed by Hub One includes:
–        VoiXtreme voice solution
–        Datalogic Falcon X3+ terminals
–        headset with mike

Press release in PDF format: ITM LEMI, part of the Les Mousquetaires Group, opts for the VoiXtreme voice solution from Hub One and improves the quality of its order picking

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