Publish: 6 December 2017

Hub One organises a webinar on the topic: "Telecom networks management: have you considered SD-WAN?"


Wednesday, 13 December 2017 at 11:30 AM

Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, is organising a webinar entitled: “Telecom networks management: have you considered SD-WAN?” Pierre Girbon, Product Manager at Hub One, will be presenting SD-WAN and explaining this technology in the framework of WAN (wide area network) management.
Today, companies face various challenges in the management of their WAN. Insufficient bandwidth, unreliability of connections, rigidity of network infrastructures and dependence on operators are among the many problems they have to address today.
SD-WAN increasingly appears to offer a suitable response to these challenges. Yet what does it offer companies in terms of management of their network infrastructures? How can this technology contribute to improving the agility of the networks and optimise bandwidth use?
At this webinar, Hub One will be looking at concrete cases of use of SD-WAN to explain how it works.
On the programme:

  • What is SD-WAN?
  • What uses can we make of it?
  • Does it really address the problems of network management?

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“Telecom networks management: have you considered SD-WAN?”
Wednesday, 13 December at 11:30 AM,
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