Publish: 23 April 2018

Hub One launches an innovation offering to facilitate access to the emerging technologies


– By means of a unique system, the Group promotes co-innovation to address the current issues of digital transformation –

Backed by its mastery of complex technologies, Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, unveils its innovation offering aimed at facilitating access to disruptive technologies by rethinking business uses in a co-innovation approach. The Group intends in this way to share its experience in digital transformation, develop new cases of use, and support the technological and economic choices of companies. 
Innovation is central to the Hub One corporate culture. The Group is looking to identify new avenues of growth for companies in every sector, and develop cutting-edge solutions to cater to its clients’ needs and usages. A true catalyst of innovation, the Hub One Lab is a permanent incubator, implementing the digital transformation of the Group’s ecosystem by means of technology watch, partnerships and co-innovation. Hub One is also responsible for the creation of the Alacrité start-up accelerator, and has set up an in-house challenge designed to encourage creative ideas from its employees and propose them to businesses.
With its ambition to accelerate co-innovation, Hub One is launching an innovation offering, aimed initially at its clients, to define and conceive jointly with them bespoke technological solutions corresponding to their needs. Hub One invites them in this way to test out and implement new solutions for reinforcing their existing infrastructures.
To do this, the Group makes available to its clients a catalogue of cases of use grouped under various topics: artificial intelligence, geolocation, customer relations, traceability, drones, autonomous robots, augmented reality and high-speed mobile. Hub One is also working on other technologies that will expand its action radius. Companies can in this way take inspiration from the operational cases of use proposed, to optimise them and adapt them to their business needs or create new ones to be tested in collaboration with Hub One.
This offering is also aimed at companies working in the fields of airports, industry, retail, transport and logistics, and at all organisations wishing to optimise their technological infrastructures.
In terms of innovation, Hub One has already proven its efficiency. The Hub One Lab has, notably, incubated more than 10 projects, to boost the Group’s portfolio of solutions and services. In the framework of its new offering, Hub One is aiming to develop in co-innovation 2 to 3 projects in the coming year.
Innovation is one of the founding values of Hub One. The Hub One Lab, our in-house challenge and the Alacrité start-up accelerator contribute daily to the development of new technological solutions in the service of our clients. With the launch of our innovation offering, we intend to take a further step forward in our co-innovation approach with our clients, to support them in implementing innovative solutions providing key competitive benefits on their markets,” says Soline Olszanski, Strategy & Innovation Director, Hub One.]]>

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