Publish: 22 May 2018

Hub One launches a wireless engineering consultancy offering to meet the growing communication needs of companies

<![CDATA[Backed by its know-how in the airport environment, where the perfect management of telecommunications is both crucial and complex, Hub One, provider of information and communication technology services in professional environments, has unveiled its wireless engineering consultancy offering aimed at companies wishing to ensure seamless connectivity and communication.  The Group is putting its PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) expertise on the market and reinforcing its position as a key player in wireless technologies.  
Today, businesses and sites receiving the public need to provide efficient connectivity that is suitable for the usages both of employees and of ultra-connected visitors. At a time of proliferating exchanges and communications, requirements in terms of the quality of the installed networks keep on growing. This means that organisations have to face up to a real challenge: to possess a continuous service level enabling users to rapidly access information from any place or any device, bearing in mind that network coverage is not always optimal inside buildings and that companies have difficulty making the right choices from all the technology out there.
Against this background, Hub One has developed a wireless engineering consultancy offering which includes consulting, engineering and technical audit services for recommending the most suitable solution for the needs of each client company. This adds further to the portfolio of LAN* and cybersecurity consulting solutions already proposed, to provide a global response to the issues facing companies.
An offering suited to the challenges facing companies today
The wireless engineering consultancy offering from Hub One is aimed at companies wishing to provide seamless connectivity for their employees (service sector) or their production systems (industrial sites, automotive manufacturers, metallurgical sites, etc.), and all types of companies and organisations with sites receiving the public (shopping centres, places of transit, administrative buildings, etc.).
Drawing on its recognised expertise in complex environments and wireless technologies, Hub One has developed a three-pronged offering:
–        Consulting: Hub One assesses the existing needs and infrastructures of companies by analysing the strong points and points for improvement in their equipment and materials, and then issuing a recommendation on how it is possible to optimise these and adapt them to company needs and usages. Hub One can provide a forecast allowing companies to define the best future strategy, taking account of the technical and market trends.
–        Engineering: The Group studies the entire building via complex simulation tools, so as to plan for all the technological solutions that need to be implemented to guarantee efficient connectivity. Hub One then provides the companies with a comprehensive architecture document explaining to them the best infrastructure to be implemented, so that they can then select the service provider of their choosing to deploy it.
–        Audit: Hub One supports its clients who are encountering problems with their network infrastructures or any other wireless system. The Group goes directly to the client site to do the necessary work for restoring network equipment to working order and ensuring its normal operation.
Radio: historic know-how in the wireless/radio sector and a booming market
Since its creation, Hub One has been deploying connectivity solutions in constrained environments, such as airports. DAS*, Wi-Fi (and Voice over Wi-Fi), DECT* and PMR* are technologies that the company proposes to its clients and that its employees use daily. With this new offering, the Group is therefore making its skills and proven know-how in radio technologies and complex environments available to all types of structures wishing to optimise their connectivity.
On the professional telecommunications market, new technological cycles are starting up, with the emergence of new solutions based on radio technologies such as 4G PMR*. The segment concerned by the solution is likely to grow by 8%[1] per year.
The launch of the Hub One wireless engineering solution ties in therefore with the growth strategy of the Group, which intends to pursue its development on the professional wireless market and continue supporting its clients in their digital transformation.
Connectivity needs are a key issue for companies. Users want fast access to information and to be able to communicate instantaneously, no matter what the network used (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi…). As a wireless operator, our role is to provide companies with bespoke solutions capable of adapting to their structures and their needs,” declares François Munerot, Vice-Director, Wireless Business Line, Hub One.
*LAN: Local Area Network
*DAS: Distributed Antenna Systems
*DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
*PMR: Professional Mobile Radio
[1] Source: ARCEP, Ovum, Gartner, Arthur D. Little, Hub One]]>

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