Publish: 22 March 2019

Hub One enhances the features of Hub One Delivery, its delivery tracking and optimisation solution


– Hub One Delivery now includes three new add-on modules addressing

the evolving business needs of hauliers and logistics operators, and of manufacturers –

 At SITL (Transport & Logistics Innovation Week), running from 26 to 28 March at Paris Porte de Versailles, Hub One, the digital technologies operator for businesses, will unveil the new features of its real-time delivery and collection management solution, Hub One Delivery. To meet the specific business requirements of transport and logistics professionals and manufacturers, the Group has developed three new and independent add-on modules: spot sales, payment and timesheet.
The transport and logistics sector is in the throes of digital transformation. Hauliers and manufacturers needing to deliver their own goods are witnessing changes to the way they need to do business, and they require appropriate solutions to meet the current competitiveness and cost-control challenges.
With this in mind, Hub One has designed Hub One Delivery, a solution that helps reduce administrative costs and delivery delays while improving the monitoring of drivers. The Group has chosen to extend the features of this solution by developing three new add-on modules enabling its clients to boost their activity, better understand the time constraints linked to deliveries, get added value from the driver, and optimise delivery rounds.
Hub One Delivery offers the following three new add-on modules:

Timesheet: Delivery drivers directly declare the times associated with goods deliveries on their terminal. However, these times can sometimes be inaccurately estimated: it may involve waiting times at the loading bay, loading or unloading times, the time for installing equipment, but also break times or rest breaks when the maximum number of hours authorised by French law for driving have elapsed.
Particularly useful for companies that need to justify and invoice service times, this module also does away with the need to fill in paper timesheets.

Payment: This module enables delivery drivers to take payment for all or part of a delivery, whether for the day’s order or a previous debt. The customer can pay by bank card, cash or cheque.
This module is mainly aimed at manufacturers delivering their goods and hauliers making sales or deliveries with payment on receipt. This feature therefore guarantees manufacturers immediate payment and prevents them from having to send out repeat reminders for outstanding debts.

Spot sales: At the time of delivery, the delivery driver has the possibility of proposing to the end customer additional goods that are available in the vehicle and/or an additional service. Once the order is placed, the driver can either issue an invoice, or take payment for all or part of the transaction, if he has the “Payment” add-on module.
Spot sales constitute a great opportunity for companies that transport the goods that they market for growing their business, selling off their stock, and adding value to the job of the delivery driver, and it is a fast and easy way for customers to immediately complement their order.
These three new modules developed by Hub One are independent of one another, and enable professionals equipped with Hub One Delivery to upgrade their solution according to their business needs and their processes.
Furthermore, Hub One Delivery integrates easily into the information system of any organisation. Hub One handles the installation of the solution, provides the hardware if needed, and supplies staff training and equipment maintenance]]>

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