Publish: 15 September 2017

ID Logistics in partnership with Hub One to optimise the logistical processes of Auchan Retail International

<![CDATA[ID Logistics, one of the leading French companies in contractual logistics, has chosen Hub One, the information and communication technology services Group for professional environments, for developing the “Put-to-Light” textile orders preparation cart, a bespoke solution meeting the logistics requirements of its client, Auchan Retail International.
ID Logistics started up business in late 2015 in Brebières (Pas-de-Calais department), for the operation of a platform dedicated to the entire European textiles activity of Auchan Retail International. This new set-up addressed the wish of Auchan Retail International to consolidate on one single site all of its textiles activities, which were previously managed internally, or by service providers on different platforms, nationally and internationally. The 48,000 m2 depot of ID Logistics was fitted out accordingly, in order to accommodate the large volume of activity: 18,000 m2 of mezzanines, 210,000 shelf spaces for 600x400x400 mm boxes and more than 4,400 dynamic aisles.
To manage the large volume of orders for this site, ID Logistics and Hub One jointly developed an innovative cart fitted with the Hub One Put-to-Light solution, for fulfilling the multi-order preparation required for the activities of Auchan Retail International. Today, 43 carts are operational on the Brebières platform and have been rapidly adopted by the operators. These carts make it possible to prepare up to 8 boxes simultaneously, thereby optimising the textiles order preparation processes of the store replenishment workflow.
Site productivity has been improved by 25% since the solution was implemented. The ergonomics have also been particularly enhanced, to facilitate the work of the operators. In this way, the 8 positions are directly accessible facing the operator, with electric ride assistance being integrated on the carts and special attention paid to the weight of these carts. The Brebières site currently manages the shipment flows for 8 countries, including France, to 13 destination platforms and, as a recent addition, Vietnam.
Joël Miguet, International Textiles operations manager for Auchan Retail International, says: “We wanted to rationalise our logistical processes by concentrating our activities on a single site. To do this, we needed a particularly innovative solution and were won over by the project proposed by ID Logistics, in partnership with Hub One. The Put-to-Light cart provided an answer to our logistical issues that far exceeded our expectations.”.

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