Internet of Things (IoT)

Incubated projects

Internet of Things (IoT)

Supervision of infrastructure and buildings (temperature, monitoring door-openings, etc.)

Supervision of infrastructure and buildings (temperature, monitoring door-openings, etc.)

Providing a solution for supervising buildings, simply and economically.

Hub One has developed a LoRa solution for the Paris airports to monitor the status of buildings (temperature, opening of doors, meters, etc.), based on autonomous sensors.


Find out more by downloading our white paper: Internet of Things

Monitoring industrial processes

Digitising workplace gestures and operational processes via a multi-technologies solution (LoRaWAN, RFID, GPS).

The solution fits into the existing industrial tools in order to track work sequencing without modifying the business processes. Thanks to a portable sensor, the solution provides an agile response to the maintenance and localisation challenges for industrial equipment.

Monitoring and localisation of equipment

Geolocation solution for outdoor equipment.

The Hub One solution based on LoRa/GPS enables flexible and non-intrusive localisation of equipment. This makes it suitable for all types of equipment fleet, including low-value and non-powered.


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