In consideration of its CSR approach and its signing of the “Responsible Purchases Charter” in February 2016, Hub One equally considers its suppliers to be stakeholders in its performance, and fosters special relationships with them in this regard.

The three guidelines of our purchasing policy


Purchasing the best quality products and services at the best price and in the best time means contributing to improving the profitability, performance and satisfaction of the Group:

  • Work on collating needs enables better anticipation, grouping and standardisation, for more precise definition of the products and services expected.
  • Next, knowledge of the market and its players, and the different forms of contracts proposed, make it possible to optimise costs, quality and lead times (for contracting and delivery) in order to best meet our customers’ requirements under optimum conditions.
  • Lastly, the negotiations conducted for all invitations to tender make it possible to purchase at the right price and for the right needs within time frames in line with the expectations of buyers.


Consequently, considering our suppliers as key contributors to our performance means that we necessarily establish special relationships with them. The attention paid to supplier relations is manifested both in the choices made following invitations to tender, and in the monitoring of their services, in particular through assessment of their performance.

Hub One in this way maintains a varied but judiciously dimensioned panel of suppliers, who all share values based on respect for people, security and the environment, and who are capable of intervening at any time with global mastery of the constraints, while leveraging innovation and sharing know-how.

Lastly, dialogue with suppliers by means of regular meetings, along with dedicated buyers per purchase segment or entity, contribute to the maintaining and sharing of common requirements and values, and to balanced and lasting relationships of quality.


As part of the relationship we have with our suppliers, direct stakeholders in our company, supporting them in a dynamic of progress and continuous improvement in terms of CSR enables Hub One to consolidate its position as a responsible contracting client, and co-construct at their side the products and services suited to its quality requirements.

Likewise, the desire to achieve the highest level of performance in CSR is manifested in concrete actions. These include:

Promoting ethics in our practices and rendering secure the purchasing and procurement processes
Limiting the environmental impact of products and services throughout their life cycle
Reducing health and social risks
Increasingly stimulating the economic fabric and the spirit of innovation through ever stronger collaboration with local SMEs
Encouraging actions of solidarity

The Tools


Hub One has deployed this portal to facilitate its exchanges with contacts from concerned companies, whether you are a prospect, an applicant or a long-standing partner.

This portal allows you to:

  • View all the invitations to tender for which you have been consulted
  • Get yourself listed to participate in the invitations to tender
  • Update your supplier data

You will find more information about the Hub One purchasing policy in the dedicated section.

For answers to your questions about how to use the portal, user support can be reached on 08 11 90 64 38.

You can also get in touch with your usual contacts in the purchasing department.

Intuiz is a single entry point for obtaining all information necessary for a global overview of a French entity.

Hub One uses this tool to evaluate and collect information about its future or current partners.


For the Purchasing Department, the Provigis platform allows us to securely:

Access at all times comprehensive supplier files concerning mandatory regulatory documents, which are continuously checked and updated
Monitor the status of our supplier files (documents missing or outdated, file status, etc.) via a single dashboard
Be notified by email when a supplier file is no longer up-to-date
Carry out supplier searches per core business and select new suppliers, ask them to fill in a specific information form, and view their answers

As platform supplier, enable you to put online for free your mandatory regulatory and legal documents for the attention of your contracting clients and your co-contractors

Provigis link:


Warhol is our ERP, and Hub One uses it for:

  • Issuing, tracking and managing supplier orders
  • Managing stocks and logistics flows
  • Monitoring supplier accounts

Accounts information

One of the tasks of Supplier Accounts is to manage the financial and accounting operations associated with suppliers.

To this end, it takes care of all the following Hub One activities:

  • managing the supplier third-party file
  • receiving and registering supplier invoices
  • clearing invoices for payment

Invoices must be sent to Supplier Accounts at the following address:

Hub One
Continental Square 1
Bâtiment Mercure
2 place de Londres
CS 11665 Tremblay-en-France
95725 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Cedex

To enable processing in accounts and ensure timely payment of your invoices, these must contain the following information:

  • order number
  • details of your Hub One contact

Supplier mediation

As part of its CSR approach and in its capacity as signatory of the Responsible Purchasing Charter in February 2016, Hub One has designated an internal mediator to guarantee compliance with the fundamental principles of the Charter, and fair processing.

With the establishment of the mediator, Hub One wishes to favour mediation with its suppliers in the event of non-compliance with the Charter’s principles.

The internal mediator has a central role in the mediation between Hub One and its suppliers for handling any difficulties arising out of the contract.

To this end, suppliers can directly contact and call upon the Hub One mediator by filling in the form at the following link:


The procedure will then be automatically triggered and transmitted to the Hub One internal mediator, and the parties concerned will be brought together to resolve the difficulties encountered.  

  • In what cases can complaints be brought before the ombudsman?
  • When payment conditions are not respected
  • When negotiations and contractual clauses are imbalanced
  • When confidentiality is compromised
  • When contracts are not respected
  • When the rules for tendering for and allocating contracts are not respected
  • When there is insufficient transparency of the purchasing rules, processes and policy


Information on the part with which you are experiencing difficulties with Hub One *  

The fields marked with an * must be completed in order to process your contact request. You undertake to provide only precise and honest information. The data collected via this form are processed by Hub One on the basis of its legitimate interest in examining and responding to your contact requests and/or questions. You have rights (data access, rectification, deletion, along with limiting and objecting to the processing of your data) that you can exercise by contacting the Hub One Data Protection Officer at the following address: If dissatisfied, you also have the right to address your complaint to the French data protection authority (CNIL). For further information, please consult our confidentiality policy.  

Become a supplier

Access to the supplier portal
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