Hub One is richly served by the variety of its professional expertise, the diversity of its staff profiles and the open-mindedness of its employees, from a wide range of backgrounds. Our values: commitment, proximity and boldness

A word from the Director of Human Resources & CSR

« With a staff of some 500 men and women, experts in telecommunication services and professional mobility, Hub One places talent, innovation and team spirit at the heart of its development strategy.
Hub One is richly served by the variety of its professional expertise, the diversity of its staff profiles and the open-mindedness of its employees, from a wide range of backgrounds.
Joining Hub One means entering a company that develops strong common values, reinforces skills, provides meaning, embraces everyone’s talents, and supports employees in their professional development.
We look forward to seeing you!»

Director of Human Resources & CSR

Christiane Pierlovisi - Director of Human Resources & & CSR

Why join us?

attract, develop, retain

In a dynamic and demanding environment requiring permanent development of our professions and activities, Hub One puts the emphasis on the development of its employees in order to prepare them for the challenges to come. 


In joining Hub One, you’ll be entering a company that promotes the notion of teamwork and the taste for a challenge. Your first steps in our company will be overseen by our dynamic and attentive teams. We’ll support you to ensure you get every opportunity to build your success with Hub One.  


At Hub One we are committed to reflect society in all its diversity and to subscribe in the core of our HR policy to combating all forms of discrimination. We have therefore embarked upon a voluntary approach to promote equality in the workplace, and racial and gender diversity in all sectors and at all levels of the company. The results of our extra-financial evaluation in the field of human resources reveals several strong points:  

  • A company being developed around a unifying project
  • Sociocultural diversity
  • HR processes that meet the challenge of retaining skills



Based on the Hub One strategic ambition and its enterprise culture, our HR policy draws on a model of HR management which offers managers all the operational conditions they need to manage the talents and the aspirations of their employees. Our greatest asset is our human assets. Our true wealth comes from the cumulative skills of our employees. The company can only grow if its employees grow with it. Our objective: to invest in everyone’s potential so that they can hone, develop and continuously reinforce their skills.  


Hub One operates in innovative sectors of activity with cutting-edge technologies enabling it to offer different opportunities and many possibilities of internal mobility. A source of rich potential for company and employee alike, mobility helps to ensure the retention of our employees, who get the opportunity in this way to enrich their professional experience and adopt winning habits.  

Hub One

Hub One

Hub One

Hub One

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