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«The digitalisation of businesses, locations and usages is becoming everyone’s priority, an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and a growth lever to open up companies to new developments.  
Subsidiary of ADP Group, Hub One draws on its experience in the airport environment to provide tailored responses to the critical and real-time operational needs of major corporations and SMEs alike.  


Our solutions and skills combine the specialities of telecoms operator, mobility and traceability solutions integrator, and all associated services.  

And because you always need more, the Hub One teams provide end-to-end service, anticipating your needs with boldness, commitment and a sense of proximity. Because we deploy and operate the technologies ourselves, we can bring to fruition the ambitions and digital projects of our customers.  

With digitalisation redefining our daily lives, Hub One can give your company a head start.

Working for you, with you.»

Guillaume de Lavallade, Hub One Chief Executive Officer

Who we are

A facilitator of access to the best of the technologies

Hub One is the digital technologies operator for businesses and public organisations. 
The benchmark player for digital transformation in constrained environments, Hub One draws on its fields of expertise in high-speed connectivity, business solutions for traceability and mobility, IoT in industrial environments and cybersecurity. 
Hub One proposes the best technologies by way of tried-and-tested solutions that are suited to the needs and usages of professionals.
With 10 or more regional branch agencies and 550 employees working daily for more than 5000 clients, Hub One generated €155 million revenue in 2018. 
Hub One is a Groupe ADP subsidiary.

For all your Mobility & Traceability needs

Needs in terms of professional mobility and traceability are constantly evolving: business travel, flex-office, teleworking, multi-site establishments, etc. Once connected, employees need to be ever more efficient to fulfil their daily missions, while remotely accessing their company’s information system.

We propose software solutions suited to the businesses of our customers, thanks to our understanding of the transport and supply chain businesses. 
With our solutions, we contribute to the streamlining of data circulation and the optimisation of network performance and access reliability. 

For all your Telecommunications needs

Hub One draws on its experience in the airport environment to provide tailored responses to the critical and real-time operational needs of major corporations and SMEs alike. 
We operate communications solutions that boost the productivity of businesses, particularly in complex sectors. As a key player for professional radio technologies, we capitalise on our historic know-how and bring innovation to bear in catering to our customers’ expectations. 

For all your Cybersecurity needs

Security flaws, ransomwares, viruses, malicious acts: the IT threats facing businesses are rocketing. The plethora of new technologies and new usages (BYOD, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, etc.) makes information systems increasingly vulnerable to threats from both within and without, with the risks increasing daily! 
We draw on our experience, particularly in the ultra-secure domain of the airport sector, and more particularly with regard to connectivity, LAN and professional mobility, to support you in every stage of your cybersecurity optimisation project: audit, consulting, training, integration and outsourcing. 
We act daily at your side to limit your exposure to the threats and their technical and financial consequences, which would be extremely detrimental to your company and its reputation. 

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Since 2001

Hub One has established itself as a major player among the operators and integrators of telecommunications, professional private radio, mobility, and traceability solutions.

On a daily basis, the Hub One experts advise on, deploy and maintain in-service infrastructures and business solutions from end-to-end.

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Our values

Commitment, Proximity, Boldness

Commitment: Saying what we do and doing what we say.
This encapsulates the daily commitment, engagement and professionalism of our employees to provide a quick response to the needs of our customers, to provide them with tailored and innovative solutions and to be committed to service. Commitment generates trust and builds lasting customer relationships. 
Proximity: On-site presence and physical proximity to our colleagues and our customers’ concerns.
With our sites located in airport and logistics hubs, our regional sites and our partner network, Hub One facilitates access to more services and innovations. Proximity is also rooted in our corporate culture. We are a human-sized company where discussions are simple and possible, and with a palpable desire to share and experience things together. 
Boldness: Daring to take action and make progress
Boldness gives rise to progress. Hub One is marked by challenges and trials. A dynamic shared by all in-house people, with a constant will to improve the operational quality of our services. When you are bold, anything can be done. 

Responsible purchasing

Since 2003, ADP Group has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact and, in 2008, entered into a partnership with Transparency International France to underscore its commitment to combating corruption. 
Like its parent company, Hub One wanted to take on board this commitment, which is in line with its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and its moral and ethical values.
Hub One therefore entered into a partnership with Transparency International, enabling it to assess the low exposure of the company to the risks of corruption, and in particular the risks of active corruption.
To guard against any possible risks and identify them more easily, Hub One decided to follow the recommendations of Transparency International by launching an anti-corruption programme. 
Supported by senior management, it is a 4-pronged approach:

  • Training, informing and raising the awareness of employees, through the adoption of a Code of Ethics, along with targeted training and information sessions in-house on this topic.
  • Implementation of detection and control mechanisms, through the use of internal controls in the company.
  • Reducing health and social risks.
  • Asserting Hub One’s public commitment to combat corruption, vis-à-vis all its stakeholders.


Ethical alert

The alert (whistleblower) system can be used to signal concerns linked to behaviour non-compliant with our values and our ethics, and which might be detrimental to our company or to the safety and security of people. It is accessible to all our suppliers, even if the latter should as a priority use the channels of alert made available within their own companies. 
The alert system is accessible via the following link: https://report.whistleb.com/fr/adp  

What can we do for you ?

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