Flights information display
for airport staff

Real time flight information: Your challenges

With more than 700,000 aircraft movements at Paris airports, a landing every 30 seconds and 500 aircraft parking stands, flights’ visibility is an essential information for an everyday operation.
For professionals of the aviation industry, being able to know real time flights and operational information is imperative. The good management of your activity depends on this information.
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You need to know the hour and locations of each flight in order to manage your operations.
  • To provide operational management with visibility over all operations,
  • To display flight information on your offices,
  • To obtain real-time information to optimize your resources.

Hub One FlightViz solution

Hub One FlightViz is a solution for accessing daily real-time flight information. This accurate consultation application is intended for airport operators to help them in their operational management.
The solution was designed to meet the needs of airport operators. The solution allows them to view, in real time, detailed information on the movements, schedules and location of operational activities for each flight, and their progress. It can thus adapt to different needs and integrate different business tools.
This information such as schedule time, parking stands, boarding gates or baggage operations are updated in real time according to operational progress, this optimizing resources and increasing productivity.

Each user can personalize his experience by sorting the views with cumulative criteria. The application is often updated with new features and feedback from customers.
The information is accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone for mobile use, or can be exported to use in business tools.

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